Gerrit K. Kasteel

Photo taken by Rens Koster.

Photography is more than taking pictures. For me it is part of my life. It has been in my life for as long as I remember. Probably it has to do with my strong curiosity and desire to capture the beauty of the world around me. I got my first camera (Agfa Click) when I was about 14 years old. The second camera was a real SLR camera (a Petri Flex V, which I still have). Many other camera’s followed (both Nikons and Canons), including a Nikonos III for underwater photography. After a lull in my photography activities, when it was limited to the occasional snapshots due to time consuming family and working life, I picked up photography again in the beginning of the digital era. 

My main focus is on Nature, Wildlife and Landscape photography, although occasionally I step out to Cityscapes, Architecture and Street photography.

My pictures have a.o. been published in a Dutch travel guide for Finland.

My gear consists currently of Canon and Fujifilm camera’s and lenses, as well as Cokin and Lee filters with Gitzo and Manfrotto tripods.

Photo taken by Michiel Heijnen

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